Web Unlocker

Web Unlocker
Avoid Getting Blocked

Overcome any website blocks by using the automated Web Unlocker

  • Tackles site-specific browser user agents, cookies,
    and captcha solving
  • Scrape target sites consistently with automated IP address rotation
  • 24/7 live support staff

How Web Unlocker optimizes your request’s journey

Why developers love Web Unlocker

Save time and resources with an automated tool that determines each website’s user-agents

Bots develop new ways to block you. Web Unlocker adjusts in real-time to stay undetected

Many websites restrict you from data collection with captchas. Web Unlocker’s machine-learning algorithms immediately solve them

Web Unlocker uses either a datacenter or residential IP address to constantly bypass bot detection systems

Web Unlocker vs Self-managed Proxies

Web Unlocker
Self-managed Proxies
Integration method
Super proxy, Proxy Manager
Super proxy, Proxy Manager
Worldwide geo coverage
Unlimited concurrent connections
Automated unblocking
CAPTCHA solving
Handling target sites markup changes
Auto retry mechanism
Results parsing for chosen domains
Asynchronous requests for chosen domains

The immediate advantages of Web Unlocker

  • Put an end to restrictions by the biggest websites
  • Only pay for successful requests that get your data
  • Stay undetectable with an expanding repository of site-specific browser cookies, HTTP header requests, and emulated devices
  • Gather web data in real-time with unlimited concurrent requests
  • Scale up using a 72+ million IP proxy network with 5 million new IPs each month from 195 countries

How it works


Select the site you want to unlock


Make a simple proxy request with the site URL


Never get blocked again

Web Unlocker automatically develops new methods to keep websites
open to data collection at all times

Limits requests per IP

Manage IP usage rates so you don’t ask for a suspicious amount of data from any one IP

Emulates a real user

Automated user emulation including: starting on the target’s homepage, clicking their links, & making human mouse movements

Imitates the right devices

Web Unlocker emulates the right devices that servers expect to see

Calibrates referrer header

Makes sure the target website sees that you are landing on their page from a popular website

Identifies honeypots

Honeypots are links that sites use to expose your crawlers. Automatically detect them and avoid their trap

Sets intervals between requests

Automated delays are randomly set between requests

Unlock any website in seconds with the
world's #1 unblocking tool

A Web Unlocker Use Case

An international electronics retailer needs to collect product pricing
data from its competitor’s websites


Target sites detected their scraper

Things were going great until their competitors started using advanced bot detection software, detecting their web scraper. The competitor fed them misleading information, and as a result, products were priced at a competitive disadvantage.


Proxies weren’t enough

Masking their IP address wasn’t enough and finding the right browser configurations to bypass their competitor’s sites would cost them too much time and money.


Web Unlocker made them undetectable

Web Unlocker could do all the work for them. After a quick installation, they told the unlocker which URLs they wanted to see and their scrapers were able to collect the accurate pricing data. They fixed all the false data they collected, corrected their prices for certain products, and became more competitive than ever. Web Unlocker saved their development team a massive amount of time while expanding their data collection.

Flexible pricing, starting from $2.03/CPM

Web Unlocker
7 Day Free Trial
  • Pay as you go and custom plans available
  • 24/7 billing live support
  • Save 32% with long-term pricing plans

The best customer experience in the industry

  • You ask, we developNew feature releases
    every day
  • 24/7 global supportTo answer any questions
    right when you need it
  • Full transparencyReal-time network
    performance dashboard
  • Dedicated Account ManagersTo optimize your
  • Tailored solutionsTo meet your data
    collection goals

Web Unlocker is best for use cases that involve web scraping. Instead of manually dealing with CAPCHAs, blocks, and other restrictions, Web Unlocker does the unlocking for you, and does so at an extremely high success rate (typically 100%). All you need to do is send one request, and the Unlocker takes care of the rest including adapting to constantly changing site blocks.

Web Unlocker uses Bright Data’s proxy infrastructure and has three major components that other premium proxies lack:
  1. Request management: Web Unlocker uses retry logic and CAPTCHA-resolving to ensure a near 100% success rate. 
  2. Complete user emulation including:
    • Network-level – IP type, IP rotation, TLS handshake
    • Protocol-level – HTTP headers manipulation, User-agents generation, and HTTP2 support
    • Browser-level – Cookie management and browser fingerprint emulation (for example, fonts, audio, canvas/WebGL fingerprints, etc
    • OS-level – Emulating device enumeration, screen resolution, memory, CPU, etc
  3. Content verification: The data you collect is automatically validated using parameters such as request timing, data types, and response content to ensure you are collecting the highest quality information available.
Yes! Simply select the ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ plan at signup. Please note that the CPM is higher in the ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ plan, and you can switch plans at any stage.

Automate your website unlocking and save time and resources